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Gropparello Castle witnessed the unraveling of a terrible revenge. In the middle of the 13th century, during one of the numerous battles among local feudal lords, Pietrone da Cagnano, a local lord, left to face war and her beautiful wife Rosania Fulgosio remained all alone. Without her husband, the castle was taken over by a soldier serving the Pallavicino Marquis. His name was Lancillotto Bracciforte and as soon as he saw Rosania, he fell deeply in love with her and forgot about his conquering aims. Rosania fell in love as well and the two became lovers. When Pietrone came back from war, he concocted an atrocious revenge. During a rich banquet, he sedated his wife and buried her alive in a secret chamber. Today the lamenting voice of Rosania can still be heard in the full moon nights.

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