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This was one of the events which helped Bettola rise as an important village at the beginning of 1400. The visitation of the Madonna in 1496 to a young shepherdess close to an oak in the area gathered hoards of devotees. Bettola was called "daughter of Madonna della Quercia", thus a well known destination for pilgrims. The miracles linked to this event are scrupulously documented by Antonio Zanca, police officer for Sforza family - who dominated the territory - that kept the papers in the archives of Sforza Castle in Milan. 
Today only a chapel remains, built in 1956 by the architect Berzolla upon request of Don Luigi Bottazzi. Church and monastery were managed by the Franciscan friars up to 1810, when, after the suppression of religious orders, the area was nearly desecrated; in 1817 the statue of the Virgin was momentarily transferred to S. Giovanni's oratory, built at the beginning of the 18th century upon will of Nicelli.

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