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Francesco Ghittoni  was born in Rizzolo, near San Giorgio Piacentino, on 25th March 1855. His early flair for drawing convinced his parents to attend the art institute Felice Gazzola in Piacenza from 1867 to 1879.
His career began in Milan in 1981, at Esposizione Nazionale, then in national competitions in Milano, Rome and Turin. Critics believed he was a talented painter constrained in a space too small for his inspiration. 
Since 1903 he worked at the Civic Museum in Piacenza and from 1911 he became a painting professor at Gazzola art institute.
He died in Piacenza on 17th August 1928. 

In 1939 a posthumous exhibition in the Salone in Palazzo Gotico was organised by one of his pupils at the art institute, Giacomo Bertucci. Finally, his talent was recognised by a large number of critics who studies Ghittoni's intense production. 
Among his most famous works there are: Ritratto di Lamoure, Ritratto della signora Buscarini (1883). The careful detail and human depth characterise one of the most important painters of Italian art of the 19th century.  

Francesco Ghittoni's works were the result of an attentive study through sketches and drawings, his production mainly focused on faith, grief, poverty in portraits and landscapes. 
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