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Edoardo Amaldi was born in Carpaneto Piacentino on 5th September 1908, He studied in Roma and graduated in physics with Enrico Fermi in 1931. A year later he married Ginestra Giovene.
His scientific career continued in Rome. In 1934 he was part of the group of “Ragazzi di via Panisperna”, which gathered around Enrico Fermi and worked on nuclear physics and the discovery of the "slow neutrons". 
The “Ragazzi di via Panisperna” split up in 1938 and many of them emigrated. Edoardo Amaldi stays in Italy. After the war he became professor of physics at Università la Sapienza in Rome. His work concentrated mainly on nuclear physics, the newly born particle physics  and gravitational waves. 
Amaldi contributed to the foundation of CERN in Geneve, of which he became the first secretary general between 1952 and 1954.
Moreover, together with Gilberto Bernardini, in 1951 he founded Istituto nazionale di fisica Nucleare with a laboratory in Frascati (Rome). He was the president between 1960 and 1965.
He collaborated to the construction of the electron synchrotron in 1958  to accelerate particles. This was the first in Italy, built in collaboration with Giorgio Salvini and Bruno Touschek.
Amaldi promoted the creation of Agenzia Spaziale europea (ESA) and in 1957 he took part in the “Pugwash movement” aimed at nuclear disarmament. With this same objective in mind, he founded in Italy the Unione Scienziati per il Disarmo (USPID) and collaborated as president for Accademia dei Lincei, promoting the creation of a Civil Rights Commission and of a workgroup for Sicurezza Internazionale e il Controllo degli Armamenti (SICA).
In the 1950s he studied cosmic rays and got very close to the discovery of the atiproton. During his late scientific stage he researched gravitational waves. 
Amaldi's national and international influence was among the first who understood the importance of scientific collaboration, especially in the field of nuclear disarmament. 
He died on 5th December 1989. 
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