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Ciclovia del Trebbia (cycling path) is characterised by a wide variety of environmental settings. It begins in an urban environment (train station), reaching the historical centre of Piacenza (pedestrian area) cycling between Romanesque churches and lively squares, to move south toward the hills, in the neighbouring villages and their green areas. The path is always bike only, reaching Gossolengo village. 
A short passage close by the provincial busy road leads to the bridge on Trebbia river, after which you cycle on the first ring on the river bank, under Rivalta castle. This is the fluvial area, where you can see poplars and willows that have never been touched by the river waters. After a break at Rivalta castle and village, go back to Trebbia bridge to ride on another ring, immersed in a hilly landscape, from Roveleto Landi and Pieve Dugliara to Rivergaro. Don't miss the lush green landscape along the river before going back to Piacenza city. 
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Piacenza - Rivergaro - Piacenza
Детальный маршрут
Length: about 50 Km without deviations.

Altitude gap :300 m.

Timing: one day.

Difficulty: from low to high according to the conditions of the terrain on Trebbia banks, also considering that the trail is quite long. 
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