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c/o Urban Center - Via Scalabrini, 107

The museum is divided in two sections: the first, inside the Civic Museum of Natural History explores the topic of the formation of hydrocarbon from a geological point of view, and offers a synoptic outline of the sector. The second section is in Padiglione Negrotti and tells the story of oil industry in Piacenza from the origins to the 'artisanal' era (15th-18th century) toward the industrial era (end of the 19th century to today).

Temporary opening hours for October:
Satuday 9:30 am to half past noon
Sunday: 3 to 5:30 pm
Or upon booking by calling +39.0523.335039 or +39.333.5093138
or send an e-mail to piacenza@maestrilavoro.it

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