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The only wax museum in Emilia Romagna, it is located in one of the historical buildings in Grazzano Visconti.
On the ground floor of Palazzo dell'Istituzione it will be possible to see the statues representing the people that made the history of Piacenza, dressed in historical clothes, thanks to the work of movie professionals.
The path, which goes from Etruscans to the 20th century, will allow visitors to get to know better the art and culture of Piacenza through wonderful reproductions and special effects.
The museum is accessible only with a guided visit every saturday and sunday from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm
+39.0523.755864 e +39 393 7128100
В рабочие дни
Open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and on Saturday all day.
В праздничные дни
Open on Sunday and festive days
Периоды открытия
Annual. Open in the morning upon reservation.
Входной тариф
5,00 euros
children accompanied by parents.
Как добраться
2 ample parkings before and after Grazzano Visconti borough. Bus stop 500 m away.
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