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Aloisa is the ghost of  the castle, also honored in the village by a statue on a pedestal placed in the main street, near the square of  Biscione.
Little person, chubby, arms folded, the appearance of  the statue that represents her, is faithful to the portrait she made of herself, guiding the hand of a medium during a seance.
Aloisa herself narrated her story, that the inhabitants of  the village are handed down: Bride a militia captain, he died of jealousy after the betrayal of her husband, and now wanders through the halls and the park of the castle.

In recent years, Aloisa has risen to the headlines even as a protector of lovers, a kind of  Valentine's Day in a skirt. In fact, grateful messages and floral tributes, frequently come to the statue of Aloisa, from different parts of Italy.
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