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The park of Grazzano Visconti Castle is linked to the circuit of "Grandi giardini italiani" (Great Italian Gardens), it is accessible by guided tours on Saturday afternoon, on Sunday and festive days from 15 March to 29 June, and from 9 August to 16 November 2014 for individual visitors, groups should book the visit also on other days of the week
Guided tours have a different schedule according to the season, the times are communicated on each visiting day.
The park was created by Giuseppe Visconti when the castle was restored and the borough built. Around 1915 Giuseppe visconti carried out an Italian Garden, and the English garden. Following a fixed itinerary it will be possible to admire several exotic plants, besides being able to see the castle from outside.
The Grazzano Visconti Castle park unwinds around the building, the part dedicated to the English gaden includes the Italian garden with fountains and statues. It is possible to see exotic plants and the beautiful colours of the flowers on different times of the year.

The park can be visited only by reservation for pre-arranged groups of 20 people minimum. 

+39.351.2778162 (da martedì a domenica dalle ore 10.00 alle 13.00)
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В рабочие дни
guided tour by reservation
В праздничные дни
guided tour by reservation
Периоды открытия
From 9th March 2019 to 6th December 2020
Входной тариф
8,00 Euros per person for pre-established groups of 20 people
Как добраться

Pedestrian precinct: car and bus park next to the borough, bus stop along trunk road 654 Valnure where the petrol station is, accessible to the disabled.

Доступ для инвалидов
The park is accessible to the disabled, the paved road is made of compact pebbles, where you see the steps there is also a flight for wheelchairs.
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