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Urban center, via Scalabrini 113

Urban Center is the new set of buildings in Piacenza that occupies the area of the former S.Anna slaughterhouse. It includes the Natural History Museum, the city historical archive, the reference office for architects, landscape architects, urban planners and preserving architecture, the office of Urban Planning for Piacenza Municipality and the new buildings for the Politecnico di Milano branch.
The slaughterhouse complex constitutes the most important testimony of industrial archaeology in Piacenza, it was built between May 1892 and August 1894.
It was built according to the law which stated, for all cities with more than 6000 inhabitants, to have a slaughterhouse that could satisfy the needs of the locals.
The abattoir worked until 1985, when it was closed as it could not meet the growing needs for meat of the city. In the latest decades the building became a municipal warehouse apart from hosting meetings and several shows.

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Rooms open to lessons for Politecnico and for exhibitions and conferences.
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