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Also in 2017, from 15th July to 21st November a rich cultural and musical programme is offered in the most suggestive boroughs of the Apennine area around Piacenza.

The programme is inaugurated in Val d'Arda, in Castelletto di Vernasca on
Saturday 15th July at 9:15 pm
The breathtaking Romanesque chapel overlooking Arda valley celebrates ancient and folk music along the path of the Pilgrim's Way (Via Francigena) with the Ensemble Sidorela and Vera Marenco.
" Canti d'amor lontano ": lyrics, vielle, harp and percussions.
Appennino Festival 2017 celebrates Shakespeare and the night of San Lorenzo with falling stars; 18 events starring prestigious musicians such as the lutenist Massimo Lonardi, the oboe from Berliner Philarmoniker Christoph Hartmann, Alberto Bertoni Professor from Bologna University, Domo Emigrantes and the SoleLuna duo.

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Ar direction: Maddalena Scagnelli
Saturday 15th July, in the ancient Romanesque chapel of Castelletto di Vernasca, at 9.15 pm don't miss the inaugurating concert by the multi-instrumentalist Vera Marenco (voice, vielle, harp and percussions) and Ensemble Sidorela. The programme is entitled “Canti d’amor lontano” dedicated to Medieval love traditions.

Sunday 16th July in Giardino Anguissola in Rivergaro, at 9.15 pm there is the concert “Se la musica fosse il cibo dell’amore. Musica e poesia nel tempo di Shakespeare e Monteverdi” with Giuliano Lucini (archlute), Alessandra Gardini (soprano), Maddalena Scagnelli (violin), Lucia Dal Corso (flute), Eugenia Del Bue (reciting voice) and the guest star Alberto Bertoni from Bologna University, who is reading poems for this event.

Friday 21st July, in the cloister of the monastery of San Colombano in Bobbio at 9.15 pm join in the concert “Incanti delle montagne” with Coro Cai from Piacenza and Le rose e le viole ensemble.

Saturday 5th August in Pradovera di Farini at 9.15 pm, on the splendid background of the panoramic road linking Pradovera and Coli (close by Acqua Nera, 1100 m above sea level) the traditional appointment with “La piva della Valnure”, presenting folk dance in the open air and the music played by Mauro Manicardi (accordion), Fabio Paveto (accordion), Keith Easdale (bagpipe), Gabriele Dametti (piffero).

Tuesday 8th August, in Travo archaeological park at 7 pm, it's time to tell stories with Ensemble “L’amore delle tre melarance” and inaugurate the Cant’ieri Festival.

Wednesday 9th August in Museo diocesano in Ottone, at 5 pm, the vocal ensemble Eudaimonia entertains the public, just before the evening concert with Daniele Alborghetti (piffero) and Gabriele Monteverde (accordion).

Thursday 10th August on the panoramic terrace of Pigazzano at 9.30 pm, don't miss the traditional appointment with “Poesia e musica nella notte di San Lorenzo”. Reading poems with Francesco Gallina, Matteo Corradini and Edoardo Callegari, accompanied by the music by Luca Salin (vìolin), Chiara Pavesi and Lorenzo Paratici (cello).

Friday 11th August in Cerignale at 6.30 pm, in collaboration with the event “Transumanza letteraria”, there is a book presentation with Lucia Meneghelli and her “Le lettere di Ariete”, accompanied by the music by Nicola Rulli.

Thursday 17th August in Morfasso at 9.15 pm Bernardo Beisso with Eco della Valle choir from Farini celebrate the adventures of vagrant musicians in the past along the Apennine.

Friday 18th August in Torre Colombo in Pradello di Bettola at 18  pm enjoy the concert by the appointed oboe in the Berliner Philarmoniker Christoph Hartmann with Federico Perotti (spinet) and Maddalena Scagnelli (violin).

Saturday 19th August in Ferriere at 9 pm there is the event “Suoni della Valnure”, a musical feast with choirs and traditional instruments from the valley.

Sunday 10th September, at Museo Guatelli in Ozzano Taro (Pr) from 2.30 pm Piergiorgio Gallicani and Daniela Stecconi (voices) with Gabriele Merli (saxophone) will accompany the guided tour to the rural court and art collections under the supervision of Amici del Museo. Reading: “Oratorio a due voci e saxofono in memoria di Sacco e Vanzetti”.

Friday 22nd September the agritourism “I Melograni” in Caratta di Gossolengo at 7.30 pm celebrates the 125th anniversary from Tolkien's birth. Dinner and folk dance on the birth day of Bilbo Baggins with Ronald O’ Calgif (Scottish small pipe, Great Highland bandpipe, muse and piva), Agnes Dalila Mc Nedal (fiddle) and Ulrich Laloin (Irish mandolin).

Saturday 23rd September at Barattieri di Albarola wine producer in Vigolzone at 5 pm join in the wine cellar and park visit, then enjoy the concert by one of the most famous lutenists in Italy Massimo Lonardi. After the concert, taste the delicious Barattieri wines.

Sunday 24th September in Piozzano from 3 pm the traditional honey festival with Valluretta typical products is on. Don't miss the show by Domo Emigrantes, playing traditional music from the south of Italy. 

Friday 29th September at Museo civico di storia naturale in Piacenza there is Narrare il parco”: an event dedicated to Italian parks and the Duchy's parks commented by Luca Natale from Parco delle Cinque Terre.

Sunday 15th October in Pecorara from 3 pm enjoy the truffle festival and mountain products with balfolk by Funambol and the Quattro Province folk dance with Massimo Perelli and Franco Guglielmetti.

Sunday 12th November in Pontedellolio the final stage of Sapori del borgo fair from 3 pm stars the SoleLuna duo with Andrea Capezzuoli (accordion) and Maddalena Soler (violin).

Don't miss the following side events around Piacenza province:

Saturday 29th July in Colla di Brugneto (Ferriere), Passo del Mercatello.
Presentation of the magazine "L'Isola è per sempre" dedicated to stories, landscapes and inhabitants in Piacenza Apennine at Biblioteca di Colla library at 5 pm                                                                                                                            

Monday 7th August in Bobbiano di Travo (Val Trebbia - Piacenza), moonlight walk, box lunch and music at Costa del Grillo agritourism
Wednesday 16th August in Cerreto di Zerba (Val Boreca - Piacenza), dinner and dancing stage with traditional folk music by Quattro Province
Saturday 2nd September in Caminata Val Tidone (Piacenza). Follow the ancient paths of Tidone stream with Camminare in Val Tidone: history, music and literature.
Witn Matteo Corradini, Maddalena Scagnelli and Giovanna Zucconi.
Piazza del Popolo at 6 pm, organised by Pro Loco di Caminata                                                     
Sunday 10th September in Mareto Località Fontanone (Val Nure- Piacenza), hazelnut festival at the foot of Monte Aserei, lunch with typical products, accompanied by traditional music
Sunday 29th October in Santo Stefano d’Aveto (Val d’Aveto - Genova) Transhumance from Crociglia pasture, a traditional feast for those who come back from summer mountain pastures to the stables in Azienda Monteverde

Information taken from the event official website; any change in date or programme is beyond our responsibility.
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