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Guided tour of a Castle with its owner (Prince, Count, entrepreneur or patron) who will take visitors on a tour to discover the beauties and secrets of their home. From 24th March the gates open in 10 Castles around the Parma and Piacenza Duchy, six in Piacenza province, thanks to the “Ambasciatori del Territorio” initiative, a series of exclusive tours with some of the owners of ancient castles. 

The Ambassadors are heirs from ancient families, princes, counts, patrons, successful entrepreneurs, or even young and dynamic mayors. For the first time, they will guide visitors to the discovery of history and all the secrets and curiosities surrounding their 'homes', on a very special visit.   
+39.0521.823221; +39.0521.823220
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24 Марта 2018
14 Августа 2018
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Saturday 24th March, 3 pm

Vigoleno borough and keep
Vigoleno seen through the eyes of someone who was bewitched by its beauty: Germana Corsini. 

The visit begins with the tower (rivellino) to continue in the main square with the fountain, and the Romanesque church. In the castle, the main room and the theatre open the doors to unusual stories, when the place was inhabited by the Ruspoli family. 

Guided tour with tasting vin santo: 13,00 euros per person

Saturday 21st April, 4 pm 

Rivalta castle 
Guided tour with the Count Orazio Zanardi Landi, owner of the Rivalta borough and castle, president of the Castles of Parma and Piacenza Duchy Association.

The owner is a heir of the Zanardi Landi family, a branch of the Landi family who has been living in Rivalta castle since 1200. The guided tour includes the special exhibition on optical views and copper prints from the 18th century, and a visit to the rooms that are generally closed to the public. The doors of Sala della Musica (the Music Room) open and visitors will have the opportunity to glance at the main European capitals. These works are so moving that cannot be described, they reproduce the European Grand Tour of a young heir from the high society who wished to know more about the world. These prints faithfully reproduce the pivotal spots of European capitals, delicately illuminated by a back light. The Count chose to order them following the idea of a journey from Piacenza through th emain Italian cities and European capitals. They describe the evolution of Italian cities towards the present day. It is also possible to book an aperitif with the Zanardi Landi Counts. 

Guided tour with the owner and aperitif: 25 euros.


Saturday 12th May, 3.30 pm   
San Pietro in Cerro castle

The castle owner Franco Spaggiari will guide visitors through curiosities in San Pietro in Cerro castle and about the family that inhabited it for over 500 years. 

The tour opens the doors of the castle, a 15th century fortress, and of MIM - Museum in Motion - the contemporary art exhibition, and also of the Xian warriors in the dungeons. This is a unique occasion to get to know the most recent projects by the castle owner, who has set up an exhibition of memorabilia from war times: swords, spears, halberds, armours, scimitars, daggers, pistols and rifles from all over the world.  
Guided tour with the owner: 8,00 euros.

Saturday 5th May, 11,30 am  

Malaspina di Gambaro castle
Discover the ancient Marquisate of Gambaro in the high Nure valley in Piacenza Apennine: guided historical tour to the Malaspina castle with the owners, with the opportunity to have lunch in the castle. 

The tour begins in front of the main door to the central tower, where there was a drawbridge once. The castle was originally built by the Malaspina family between the 15th-16th century, the guide will explain why this spot was chosen. The visit continues with stories related to the Gambaro village and its ancient Longobard inhabitants. From the inner court, the splendid stone columns decorate the loggia; the fortified wall was demolished turing the Spanish-French battle that in 1636 here in Gambaro saw the troop from Genoa fight against the Farnese military corps. Don't miss the billiard room to see the crests of noble families from the high Nure valley. The banquet room became the headquarters of the municipality under Napoleon's domination, later on it even became a school. Finally, the tour concludes with the dungeons, the prison and the cellar. Lunch is served at 12.30 pm, all visitors are invited to taste the delicious dishes of Piacenza tradition. 

Guided tour with the owner and lunch: 35 euros ( 30 euros for groups of minimum 8 person)

phone: 0523.1797245 /  335.6912581


Saturday 2nd June, 4:00 pm

Rocca d'Olgisio

On 2 June, a special opening for a guided tour with the owners of this ancient castle. The owners, in addition to lead the guests to discover the history of the Castle and its inner halls, they will tell you the stories that bind them to the stronghold and its lands, near Pianello Val Tidone, 35 km from Piacenza.
Rocca d'Olgisio set in the rock, in defense of the valleys of the rivers Tidone and Chiarone, is one of the oldest and picturesque castles around Piacenza, surrounded by six orders of walls. Founded around the year 1000.

Booking required. It is possible to overnight in the Fortress.

Phone: +39 0523.998045
E-MAIL: info@roccadolgisio.it

Sunday 14th August, 8:00 pm

Gropparello castle                                         
Gropparello castle date to the 8th century and passed into the hands of the Fulgosi, the Pallavicino, Sforza, Campofregoso, Attendolo, and finally to the Gibelli family. Gianfranco Gibelli will be your guide for the day, owner of the castle with his wife Maria Rita Trecci Gibelli. They will accompany visitors through the rooms of the castle to tell anecdotes, legends, mysteries. Booking is recommended.

phone 0523-855814 fax 0523-855818
mail info@castellodigropparello.it

Guided tour with the owner :  20,00 euros

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