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Salame Piacentino is made only with pork meat cuts and fat.
Raw meat comes from pigs born and bred in Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions, where the production area includes the whole province of Piacenza, where the salame tradition is deeply rooted.

In the salame thin part, characterised by a shiny red colour, the lard portions are clearly visible, with their rosy-white colour. Salame is a coarse-grained cold meat and it scent is of delicate mature meat with a slight touch of spices.
To the palate it is soft but compact, sweet and savoury at the same time, with a delicate flavour of mature meat.
Сыровяленая выдержанная колбаса "Salame" производится только с использованием отрезков мяса и сала свиньи.
Животные выращиваются на территории Эмилии Романьи и Ломбардии, область производства всегда только провинция Пьяченцы, потому как здешний климат является определяющим для получения характерных свойств этой вкуснейшей известной веками колбасы.

Территория производства
Piacenza province
tel. +39.0523.591260 Consorzio Salumi Tipici Piacentini
Исторические корни
The first notes about pigs bred in Piacenza province lead us a century before Christian era, with further evidence of their existence during the Roman empire.
Типичные приемы
Even though time goes by and technology keeps developing, the techniques used to make some good cold meat in Piacenza - even on an large-scale level - are bound to traditional methods still.

The making process follows four steps:
1) thin and fat parts are minced and mixed together using a mincing machine having 10 mm holes, according to the traditional recipe;
2) to the paste obtained, a well-balanced dose of salt, spices and wine is added;
3) at the end of step 2, the paste is then kneaded in pig's bowles, bound with a thick twine and left to dry in special rooms for a week or so;
4) finally, the maturing period lasts 45 days at least.

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