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Pietra Perduca
Rock: ophiolytic spur dominating the middle Trebbia valley. The rock where trails develop (southwestern slope) is overall solid but requires some attention.
Climbing style: technical usign layback climbing, where progression is made through the use of rocks and spurs of all dimensions within the main rocky surface. 12 quickdraws and a 70 m rope are sufficient to climb the tracks.
Ideal period: throughout the year, though the best period goes from October to Aprim, whereas in the summer it is advisable to climb in the morning.

Pietra Perduca can be reached from Travo: drive through the village and continue toward Bobbio. Once beyond the cemetery, drive on the road that goes to Pietra village. Just before the houses, there is a road turn on the right, leave your car here and walk along an easy path that in 20 minutes will take you at the feet of Pietra Perduca. 
The climbing path is dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Cordani, Piero Gatti, Roberto Guerra and Roberto Romiti.
IAT Bobbio +39.0523.962815 / Comune di Travo +39.0523.950121
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