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Restricted traffic area in Piacenza is divided into 4 zones
+39.0523.614350 Ufficio Permessi
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How to get there
To come into the ZTL Area, you need a Pass: temporary Pass, daily Pass and permanent Pass (for residents, people with handicap,...).

The Pass refers a  vehicle (car, motorcycle, moped and motorcycle) and must include the license plate or identification mark (frame number), should always be displayed in a visible place, to the front of the vehicle or windshield, drivers motorcycles and mopeds are exempt from the requirement but they must carry the “mark” with them.

To get a Pass go to Permit Office – UFFICIO PERMESSI – Piazza Cittadella, phone number: +39. 0523 327514. For daily permit: Monday to Saturday from 6.25 AM  to 7.10 PM. For  permanent permits: Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM  to 1.00 PM and on Monday and Thursday also from 2.15 PM to 5.00 PM.
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