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Piazzetta Santa Chaira
The auditorium is located in the ancient monastery of Santa Chiara, which was founded in 1436. The monastery was used for non-religious purposes after Napoleon's decree against religious orders, and in 1833 it became the headquarters of Regio Ginnasio on the initiative of the bishop Giovanni Cavalieri. In1854 the community theatre was inaugurated on the ground floor, to host performances of the local theatre company but also concerts with the local brass band. Over the first years of 1900 it opened to movie projections. In the 1930s the building was renovated as we can see it today. 

The seats in the auditorium are in a telescopic gallery that allows for perfect view to all spectators. The podium at floor level is easily accessible and can be used for conferences or concerts. The auditorium includes 114 seats, but the gallery can be reduced to 1.30 m depth if necessary.  
How to get there
On the ground floor, no architectural barriers, accessible to disabled people, car park only few metres away from the entrance, bus stop 400 m away.
Handicap accessibile
Avaibility of the room to the theater
Projector and projection equipment
Last update
Monday, 14 October 2019
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