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It is the highest town in Piacenza province, but also the smallest and least inhabited.
Zerba lies in a rough territory rich in woods, Zerba was inhabited by Ligurian tribes who long contrasted the Roman settlement. Unfortunately, there are only very few remains of Malaspina's castle. The lack of artistically relevant sites is balanced by a beautiful landscape, with small valleys, woods and brooks.

This town is part of the territory of the Four Provinces (Alessandria, Genoa, Pavia, Piacenza), characterised by common traditions and customs made of ancient music and dance. The main instrument is the Apennine piffaro, which together with the accordion and the ancient musa (Apennine bagpipe) accompanies dancing feasts.
906 mt.
78 (2017)
+39.0523.962815 (IAT Bobbio)
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