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Loc. Albarola
The origins of Albarola's fig cake are rooted into a Jesuit convent, where missionaries used to bring home typical products from the places they had visited. 
At one time they brought back fig trees, which found in Albarola the ideal climate to grow.
Fig production thrived so that people started to make dry figs or baked figs in order to eat them during winter time. This is how the fig cake was born, and can be made in two ways: a cake with a lemon paste surrounding figs; the other as a cake filled with figs and covered with another layer of paste.
Since 2007 Vigolzone Municipality gained the DE.CO. recognition (Designation of Origin from a Municipality) for its fig cake.
Typical production area
Vigolzone area, Albarola village
Call Vigolzone Municipality: +39.0523.872711
Historical origins
In 1600 Jesuits from Albarola convent (now Villa Peyrano) back from their missions around the world, brought fig trees with them and found that Albarola had the ideal climate for their growth.
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