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Località Casaliggio
The origins of BURTLEINA are lost in the depths of time, because it was made with very few ingredients, easy to find also on the tables of poor people. Its preparation is attested halfway through the 19th century, as substitute to bread.
The Feast d'la Burtleina was born in 1973 in Casaliggio, from some Scalabriniane nuns who run the local parish oratory, with the help of some citizens. The feast today is characterised by the BURTLEINA as main speciality, an 'official' products from Piacenza.
Bortellina di Casaliggio is the real and traditional Bortellina Piacentina, a sort of flat omelette that a long time ago was eaten also for breakfast, at lunch and dinner, today is prepared only in some specialised historical trattoria upon request. 

In 2015 the Municipality of Gragnano Trebbiense awarded the Burtleina (BORTELLINA) the De.Co. trademark.
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