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Traditional recipes

Piacenza's territory tradition offers many delicious, coming from old, but always, excellent recipes which can take you back to an old atmosphere. The salume (cured pork meat), great as appetizers or snacks, is excellent if combined with typical burtleina (flour batter fried). Pasta specialities include traditional anolini (small tortellini filled with stewed meat and served in broth) and tortelli con la coda which consist of a thin layer of pasta rolled out by hand and filled with herbs and ricotta cheese. The most popular local dish, pisarei e fasò, consists of dumplings made from stale bread served with an unusual sauce of red bean. Among the meat dishes, coppa arrosto (roast pork), picula ad caval (horse tartare served with tomatoes, onion and peppers) and the stracotto alla piacentina (well cooked beef with vegetables). Among the desserts the buslan (typical cake) is always on the table of Piacenza's area.