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Passo del Cerro (Bettola), Passo del Mercatello (Ferriere), Passo della Cappelletta (Farini)

On Sunday 27th May don't miss the non competitive three-path marathon Lunga Marcia in Alta Val Nure "Dante Cremonesi".

The Lunga Marcia in Alta Val Nure “Dante Cremonesi” is organised by Gruppo Alpinisti Escursionisti Piacentini (GAEP) and it has been an important appointment over the years for mountain lovers, but also for those who wish to take a walk immersed in nature. From Passo del Cerro on an easy track you reach the historical Vecchia Dogana on Crociglia mountain, now it is a GAEP refuge dedicated to "Vincenzo Stoto" (1362 m). The path branches in three tracks, each with a different length:

The long mountain march (La Lunga Marcia di montagna) 33 km: a fascinating but challenging excursion from Passo del Cerro (766 m), leading participants through some of the most suggestive spots in Piacenza Apennine, towards Rifugio GAEP.

The medium-length mountain march (La Marcia intermedia di montagna) 25 km: an interesting excursion from Passo della Cappelletta (1036 m), the first refreshment stop along Lunga Marcia, following the same itinerary along the splendid tops of Piacenza Apennine. 

The mountain march (La Marcia di montagna) 11 km: this is the last part of the Lunga Marcia track, the most spectacular. From Passo del Mercatello (1058 m) until the last stage at Rifugio Vincenzo Stoto, this march is perfect even for less-trained trekkers. For more information, read the rules and regulations for the marathon.

The three paths have different starting points (see the rules) but the same finish line at Rifugio Vincenzo Stoto in Selva di Ferriere.

Together with this historical event, on 27th May there are also Trail Alta Val Nure and Trail dei Crinali starting from Bettola.

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27 May 2018
27 May 2018
How to apply and requirements
Registration fees: online registration up to 30th April: 16 euros including return bus trip.Online registration up to 1st May: 22,00 euros with return bus trip; 15 euros if you use your own means of transport. On the day of the event: 25 euros. Return bus trip available upon request, 5 euros.  

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