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Sant'Antonio celebrations
Via Emilia Pavese 198, Chiesa di San Antonio a Trebbia
The traditional fest of Sant'Antonio a Trebbia is back, with the special blessing of animals.
The charity stand is open all day, also selling traditional local turtlitt based on a recipe from S. Antonio district to celebrate its patron saint.
09 January 2018
17 January 2018
Parrocchia di Sant'Antonio a Trebbia
9 - 10 - 11 January, 6:30 pm
Triduum dedicated to the blessing of bread, oil and salt.

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 January, 9 pm
Filodrammatica Turris from Piacenza presents the comedy in dialect Camera ad ore, at Salone Bongiorni near the parish church.

Sunday 14 January
From 8 to 9 am meeting at the Gotico Garibaldina sports centre in Via Davide da Bergamo, and start of Camminata dei Turtlitt. Non competitive marathon, free pace, open to everybody on paths of 5, 10, 15 km long organised by CSI Marce Piacenza.

3:30 pm: Grande Corteo degli animali, great animal parade in the square of via Turbini, accompanied by A. Ponchielli band. The path ends in the courtyard of the parish church with the Holy Blessing of animals by the priest. At the end of the A. Ponchielli band concert, the feast animation end with the celebrative bonfire. 

Monday 15 January
6.30 pm Holy Mass
9 pm at Salone Bongiorni,  "La morte e il morire tra libert√†, relazione e cura". Prof. Elena Colombetti from Universit√† Cattolica di Milano

Tuesday 16 january
6.30 pm Holy Mass

Tuesday 17 January
Sant'Antonio celebration: holy masses at 8 am, 10:30 am, 4 pm and 6:30 pm. Holy Mass with the blessing of animals.
9 pm Concert with Giuseppe Segalini choir and Choir of Gazzola
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