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Starry Summer
Località Case Lazzarello, Osservatorio Astronomico
Every Friday in August you can access the Astronomical Observatory in Lazzarello di Pecorara, and enjoy watching the stars.
With the help of experts from Gruppo Astrofili from Piacenza, from 9 pm onwards learn about constellations and the most shining stars in the night sky. All this through the eye of the telescope installed under the steel vault of the observatory. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, double stars, a dusty nebula, and much more on this unique series of appointments under the stars.
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03 August 2018
24 August 2018
free entrance
How to get there
You can access the observatory directly, or reach one of the meeting points:

in Piacenza: in front of the parking on Strada Gragnana (at the roundabout next to Ponginibbi) at 7 pm 

in Nibbiano: in Piazza Combattenti at 7:45 pm 
Gruppo Astrofili di Piacenza

Friday 3rd August at 9 pm
Look at Jupiter, Saturn and Mars at the telescope
Commented observations of the main summer constellations; observation of deep space objects at the telescope 

Friday 10th August at 9 pm
The Perseids
Watch falling stars and win with the "Meteor Bingo"! 
Observation at the telescope of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.
Commented observations of the main summer constellations; observation of deep space objects at the telescope

Friday 17th August at 9 pm
Watch with your naked eye the main visible constellation and see them through with the telescope, together with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon

Friday 24th August at 9 pm
Guided observation with naked eye and with the telescope of some deep space objects, Saturn and Mars.

If you wish, at 8 pm there is the possibility to enjoy a plate of delicious polenta with boar sauce (or cheese as alternative) cooked by the volunteers from Associazione Valtidone. 
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