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Castello di San Pietro in Cerro
Mysterious Chinese warriors defend the foundations of an ancient Italian castle, one of the Castles in the circuit of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza. From the east, here comes the idea of the entrepreneur and art patron Franco Spaggiari, owner of the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro, in Piacenza province, who acquired 45 Xi'An terracotta warriors (perfect copies of the original statues, authorised and approved by the Chinese Government) and transformed the in a permanent installation in the dungeons of the 15th century castle. The warriors are open to the public once the Castle reopens for the season, throughout the year, every Sunday and on festive days, from February to the end of October 2017 and on any other day upon booking for groups.  
The warriors are still, but they seem to move. They stand tall, but walk on a line. They listen to whatever you say. They are life-size warriors. The proverb says 'What you see below, the same is above': the half-light damp atmosphere of the dungeons communicates a 'sepulchral' picture, an endless waiting and the patience of time, a sublimation of eternity. It was not by chance that the warriors were originally situated near the tomb of the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang as guards. From the dungeons to the courtyard, up on the stairs of the Castle of San Pietro to the attic to meet contemporary art - presented on a revolving schedule - at mim: Museum in Motion . 
A leap into the past from an Oriental suggestion to the multifaceted character of the western culture, selected by the collector Spaggiari: everything is mediated by the Castle as 'container', a cultural workshop, a living castle like all 23 Castles of the Duchy, each with its own typical features.
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Guided tours at 11 am - 3 - 4- 5 - 6 pm
Adults: 8 Euros; Groups: 7 Euros; from 6 to 12 years old: 6 Euros; from 13 to 18 years old Euro 7,00
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