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Selva di Ferriere
Mazzocchi Via Ferrata, also known as Groppo delle Ali, is in the high Nure valley.
It is exposed to north and it cannot be approached in winter and for part of spring.

It is a climbing route with aids for expert mountaineers: the gear required is a climbing helmet, harness, double rope and carabiners.
This route was created in 1979 with modifications in 2005 and 2009, with a medium difficulty level. The route is short but with some hard passages. Just beyond Bivacco Sacchi (1580 m above sea level) you will find the Mazzocchi Via Ferrata.
How to get there
From Piacenza, take the road to Val Nure (through Podenzano, Bettola, Ferriere) until you reach Selva di Ferriere. About 2 km after Ferriere, beyond the sign for the village, on the left there is a car park. Opposite, there is a sign for route 007 to Bivacco Sacchi (1 hour).
The via ferrata is on the norhtern side of Groppo delle Ali, you can easily reach it from Bivacco Sacchi (1590 m avobe sea level) through route 009 on the left of route 007, behind the Bivacco. A few minutes away from Bivacco there is Mazzocchi Via Ferrata.
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