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One day Piplon, a foolish devil, fell in love with a lovely girl named Gesandra, but she couldn't care less about him. Piplon tried to cheat her into believing he was a handsome knight, so he looked for the collaboration of friar Gesualdo, a local priest, to give him his blessing. But the friar didn't buy it and cheated Piplon in turn. He asked him to come back after a week and Gesualdo made a statue of himself. When the devil returned, the friar convinced him that Gesandra would have fallen in love with him only if he agreed in waiting for her - frozen - for seven years, seven months and seven days by offering to wait along with him. Months passed, years passed and Piplon fell asleep, forgetting about the sand that the wind blew on him until he became the rock that can now be seen on the way to Castellana.

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