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On Piacenza's territory few are still unaware of the mistery embracing Gropparello Castle. In the middle of the 13th century, during one of the numerous battles among local feudal lords, Pietrone da Cagnano, a local lord, left to face war and her beautiful wife Rosania Fulgosio remained all alone. Without her husband, the castle was conquered by a soldier of fortune paid by Pallavicino Marquis. His name was Lancillotto Anguissola and was also a former lover of Rosania. The spark of love between the two was revamped and Lancillotto settled at the castle with his lover before leaving for battle once again. When Pietrone came back from war, he concocted an atrocious revenge. Obsessed by jealousy, he built a secred chamber in the castle dungeons covered with stones. During a rich banquet, he sedated his wife and buried her alive in the chamber. The chamber was never to be found, but today, in windy nights, visitors can still hear her voice pleading for help. It is Rosania, buried alive in the dungeons of Gropparello Castle.
See the video recorded at Gropparello Castle here (in Italian): Mistero di Italia 1su YouTube
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