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Lago Moo
The basin that embraces the lake is the largest among those in Val Nure. It lays on a plain shaped as amphitheatre due to the surrounding hills, which enclose an elliptic basin with water and grass all around.
The lake is very small. More specifically, in the green area a new tall stem vegetation, especially along the banks of the tributary, an affluent of Nure torrent. On the left bank of the basin, there is a perennial spring, though very small.
A glacier formed Lago Moo, a certainty supported by the morainic hillocks surrounding the valley.
IAT Valnure +39.0523.870997 /Comune Ferriere +39.0523.922885
How to get there
From Ferriere head to Canadello, where you can leave the car and continue on foot. The easy trail climbs for more or less an hour walking before reaching the lake.
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