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Loc. Castelletto
In Castelletto, near Vernasca in Val d'Arda, a place once called "Valtolla" presents the ancient church of Sant'Andrea, the oldest in the valley. It is an unknown jewel in a unique environment. Tthis is the last example of cultic building from the most splendid period of the Val di Tolla abbey in year 1000. 

The association "Amici dell'antica chiesa" currently counts about 600 members from around the world and over the past few years has managed to restore the ancient building with its perimetral walls, the remains of the vicarage, the main altar and the bell tower. With the funds from the municipality, banks and private donors (often former inhabitants of Castelletto village now living abroad), the association could save this marvellous monument and surround it with a park, a fountain and benches. 

The restoration works transformed the church into a chapel for the cult dedicated to the ancient patron Sant'Andrea and Madonna delle Grazie.

+39.0523.891225 Comune di Vernasca
How to get there
From Lugagnano follow the street leading to Morfasso on the right bank of Arda river, driving along the cement factory and ending in Mocomero. Then drive on to Mignano, along the Mignano lake bank, turn left at the crossroads to Castelletto (473 m). This is a village with stone houses recently restored; drive beyond the cemetery and on the left side of the road you will see an ancient bell tower with an upside down cone roof. There you will find Sant'Andrea church.
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