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Via Fontane del Duca
The oratory dates back to the 13th century; it was built upon request of Ventimiglias Bishop Jacopo da Castell'Arquato,who made his will in favour of his village of origin:his money had to be used to build a chapel and a cemetery. The cemetery was built next to the Collegiate Church, the Oratory rose in the lowest part of the village, in Fontane del Duca street. It now hosts a cabinet makers shop.

The external side, between two houses, is made of a simple hut façade and two pilaster strips .There's a central portal, with a lintel supported by two capitals with stylized palms and surmounted by a lunette, which was probably painted; over the portal there's a window lighting the interior.The huge internal hall is made of a single nave divided into three spans, covered by cross vaulting ribs. From Parco delle Driadi it's possible to see the brick apse, next to which there's a belfry that departs in an anomalous way from the upper limit of the oratory roof.

Opening times
Closed to the public
How to get there
Easy to reach. Located in the village lower part, parking nearby. Not accessible to the disabled, because the street has cobblestone paving
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