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Loc. Chiavenna Landi, Via Piacenza 25
News about Chiavenna Landi castle dates back to 1200 AD, as witnessed by the entry in the Registrum Magnum and by other valuable parts of the building. 
The beautiful, well-preserved tower seems to be the first part that was built to contrast the troops from Cremona. These territories were often the target of raids and invasions by outsiders. Frederick I, known as Barbarossa, also stayed overnight while he was visiting Italy to be crowned in Pavia. In the same period the first of the two diets of Roncaglia took place. The castle remained in the hands of the Landi family until the 20th century, when the Marchioness Teresa brought it as dowry to the Count Cigala Fulgosi. He then sold it in 1941 to the family of the notary Livio Cattadori. 
Through the centuries, the castle was never modified but left to decay until 2004, when the Ferro family decided to buy it and transform it into a splendid Hotel and Restaurant called La Tavola Rotonda. The castle original structure remained the same and can be found in Chiavenna Landi, a small village under the jurisdiction of Cortemaggiore Municipality. 
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