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Via Chiesa Vecchia
Fresco preserved in the Parish Church, representing the Virgin Crowning. Jesus and the Virgin are sitting on a wide wooden throne.Jesus holds the crown in his right hand and the sceptre in his left hand. Several angels contemplate the scene and sing. There are several naturalistic elements and leaves of grass in the lower part of the fresco. A simple decorative pattern frames the scene. The angels are all contemplating the crowning scene, thus pushing also the observer to do so. A painted inscription on the throne step recalls who commissioned the painting (Cristoforo Compiano) and when it was finished (1474), by an unknown local master.

The fresco is now preserved at Centro isita Provinciale of Via Francigena (the ancient parsonage of the small church), a didactic and art museum preserving on the ground floor picures and historical findings about the Pilgrim's Way through Piacenza to Rome. On the first floor there are the detached apse frescoes of he ancienf church, among which there is the "Madonna Incoronata". These frescoes, dated 1474, were detached and restored in 1969. They have only recently been exhibited to the public.
How to get there
In the village centre, close to the ancient Parish Church. Parking in Piazza Vittoria, a few metres away. 
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