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Basilica di S.M.di Campagna, P.le delle Crociate

Giovanni Antonio de' Sacchis said Pordenone painted in Piacenza, at first between 1530 and 1532 and then, later in 1535, painting frescoes in the Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna. On the first occasion he painted the lantern, the eight sides of the dome, the friezes ogives, the frieze above the arcades and the Chapel of Santa Caterina; then he painted the Chapel of the Magi. The famous painter, almost ruthless in the face of  classical severity, reaching a very high level of expression, used very bright colours.
In the dome we find, the Eternal Father, the angels, the Prophets and Sibyls and  in the chapel of Santa Caterina, the Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine and in the  Chapel of the Magi  the History of childhood of Christ.

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