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Loc. chiesa Lazzarello
Its on the northern side of Mount Lazzarello, in the Municipality of Pecorara,on the border with the territory of Pavia. The first written evidence confirms the existence of the oratory ever since the 17th century.
In 1894 the picture of the Virgin, which had already been adored for the previous three centuries,was destroyed by fire; the faithful provided the church with a new painting by Gerolamo Bigotti from Piacenza. The painting is located in the sanctuary only during the summer time, while it is normally inside Lazzarello Parish church.
The bulding is made of bricks and stones, it's white,has a hut roof and a small side portico. The façade is framed by a double layer of pilaster strips, partly hidden by a portico supported by 4 pilasters.

Information taken from the book 'La diga del Molato Trebecco e la Madonna della Torrazza' by Antonio and Marco Zavattarelli, published by Pontegobbo, therefore the editorial office is not to be held responsible in case of wrong information.

- On 1st May Madonna della Torrazza is celebrated: the Virgin painted is taken inside the sanctuary .
- In July pilgrimage of the High Tidone Valley Kids.
- On 15th August procession to bring the Madonna back from the sanctuary to Lazzarello Parish church.

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