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Castello Anguissola p.tta Trieste, 16
The museum displays prehistoric , protohistoric, Roman and medieval remains, mainly collected by Gruppo di Ricerca Culturale “La Minerva”.
Evidence of the first human settlements in Trebbia valley was found in the areas of Coli, Rivergaro, Travo and Croara and the remains are preserved and displayed in the suggestive Anguissola Castle in Travo:blades, splinters, heads and grills made of pebble or jasper dating back to the Acheulean period in the Paleolithic (about 150,000 years ago), Mesolithic finds (9th-5th millennium B.C.) as well as materials coming from the interesting Neolithic settlements (5th-4th millennium B.C.) , namely careened cups, bowls, deep vessels on hollow stands, long neck flasks with cord decorations.
There are also some finds dating back to the Copper, Bronze and Iron age, that confirm the presence of Ligurian and Celtic settlements, as well as contacts with the Estruscans.
A rare Celtic coin and a ring with the engraving of the foundation of Rome are the most remarkable pieces in the window cases, which display pieces discovered while ploughing.

Dioramas, panels with explanantions and an IT workstation are available.
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Holiday time
saturday and sunday from 10.30 am to 1 pm; from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Opening times
from 1st April to 31st October
Entrance fee
Ticket Euro 5,00 Ticket including guided tours of Ticket Villaggio Neolitico and ticket Museum
children up to 5 years
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